20. Int. Deizisauer Neckar-Open: 06.04. - 10.04.2023 in Deizisau


Which train station is ideal for arrival?
Train Station Plochingen is the nearest train station. Plochingen is next to Deizisau. Driving with taxi will cost about ten Euro. With the suburban railway S1 you should travel to Altbach station. By foot it will take only about ten minutes to reach Deizisau. The way is sign posted. From Plochingen to Altbach is only one station with suburban railway. With luggage we recommend to take a taxi from Plochingen to Deizisau.

What should I do if I arrive late?

If you are late for traffic reasons or something like that call tournament director Sven Noppes and he will try to find a solution.

What will happen if I am late for my game?
From 2nd to 9th round your opponent has to wait for 30 minutes. For 1st round the tournament director appoint the time for waiting. Exeptions can be made by tournament director and the referees. Please notice that you have to inform the tournament director as soon as possible about a late arrival. For being much too late you loose by default. In such a case you have to advise the tournament director that you want to continue the tournament.

At the beginning of each round music is played. Who choose the songs?
The selection of the songs is a spontanous decision.

What happens after the end of the music?

When the song is over the round starts.

Why is there a different starting time in the two halls?

Normally there is a ten minutes time shift between the two halls, because it's easier for the referees not to have the time termination phase in both halls at the same time. On Thursday the gym starts first from Friday to Monday the Public Hall will start first.

I need a referee but can't find one. What should I do?

First stop the clock. Then look for somebody from the staff i.e. in the kitchen, the tournament office or the referee tables.

Is there an arbitration panel in the tournament?

No. The highest authority is the tournament director, his decisions are definite. We fully trust in our referees and our director.

How can I get a receipt for my starting charge?

You can get a receipt from the 2nd tournament day on at the tournament office.